December 11, 2015

[Buzzvil News] Shared Office, Shared Passion – Buzzvil’s Tokyo Office

t’s already been two years since Buzzvil first launched HoneyScreen in the Japanese market. At Buzzvil whose overseas expansion policy is to have minimal local human resources, a small number of local members deal with almost the same set of jobs as in the headquarter only excluding product development. So rather than opening an independent office where Buzzvillians should take care of every maintenance and administrative work, Buzzvil, as a pragmatist startup, decided to settle down at local shared offices(co-working space) in Tokyo and Taipei.
November 5, 2015

[Buzzvil Culture] Mix-it-Up to Improve Office Dynamics

When you think of an office, you would probably imagine an office with cubicles of different departments with assigned seats. To go against this idea, Buzzvil has been changing seats bi-monthly with the intent of invigorating the office ambience and understanding what other teams’ members do. At its early stage, Buzzvil used to seat together members from the same team as most of other companies do. But not long after did we realize that simply seating each team together did not necessarily lead to higher work efficiency and rather hindering deeper understanding about different roles, adopting this new random seating […]
October 21, 2014

[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Challenge Board: How’d We Do in Q3?

Back in July, our team at Buzzvil first started our Challenge Board where each of our Buzzvillians set a personal goal for themselves to accomplish by the end of Q3! We had a wide variety of goals that our team challenged ourselves with, such as creating an app, improving their language skills, or losing weight, which was the most common trend in our office. So, how did Team Buzzvil do? Well, out of the 22 people that participated in our Challenge Board for all of Q3, we only had four people successfully complete their goals this time: Elena – Read […]
July 22, 2014

[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Office Hot Spot: Challenge Board

At Buzzvil, dreaming the impossible is a big part of our culture. Not only is it one of our core values, we really believe in going beyond our comfort zones and challenging ourselves, whether it be taking on new, unfamiliar projects or stepping up to a public speaking opportunity at our internal hackathon. In Q2, our sales team really took this value to heart and set a very audacious sales goal for themselves – an “impossible” dream, some might say. Each of them also had personal challenges to achieve for the quarter, such as losing 10kg or learning to play […]
July 15, 2014

[Buzzvil Culture] Eliminating “Nim” in Korean Workplace Culture

Respect is important in Korea, so much so that it’s built into the language. Along with a variety of verb suffixes for each speech level, an involved system of honorific titles is usually used. Nearly every family member in a tree has their own unique title, based on the age and gender of the speaker. For example, hyeong (형) and nuna (누나) from younger brothers, and oppa (오빠) and eonni (언니) from younger sisters, meaning “older brother” and “older sister”, respectively. Strangers, service workers, and even friends are also often referred to by these titles. (A similar concept exists in […]
June 16, 2014

[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Office Hot Spot: Idea Wall

Creating a great workplace is more than just fancy benefits and snazzy office furniture. To find out how to create a workplace people love coming to, Fast Company took a look at Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work and found five traits that many “Employers of Choice” (EOC) have in common. One of the traits that stood out to us is ensuring that employees feel heard. At Buzzvil, free-flowing communication is crucial for teamwork, innovation and efficient workflow, and one of the ways that we encourage communication is our idea wall. Our idea wall was created to develop a […]