September 16, 2014

[Product Updates] So You Want to Get User Feedback?

Getting user feedback is such a vital part of a product’s success that we no longer question why we should do it, but rather when and how. There are a lot of different perspectives about at which point in your product cycle you should start gathering product feedback from users and how often. For example, at the Kstartup Fireside Chat from a few weeks ago, Lorenzo Calvani at Uber noticed that the Korean startups he talked to seemed to ask for feedback once a product or design is nearly finished, whereas companies in Europe or the U.S. tend to ask […]
August 12, 2014

[Product Updates] HoneyScreen Hears Your Voice!

In case we haven’t made it obvious by now, feedback is really important to us at Buzzvil. This not only applies to our workplace culture, but also to how we interact with our Honeyscreen users. After all, who would be better to give us feedback than the ones who use our product on a daily basis? With our recent Android app update in June, our team decided the time was right to meet some of our users and hear what they have to say. The suggestion of hosting an FGI (Focus Group Interview) has been up on our Idea Wall […]
June 23, 2014

[Product Updates] All New HoneyScreen! App Update for Android

Honeyscreen has a brand new look! Our Buzzvil team has worked hard over the past few months to provide a better, more seamless experience for our users, and we’re very excited to finally announce our new and improved Honeyscreen app for Android. For those of you that aren’t familiar with our flagship product, Honeyscreen is a mobile app that transforms your smartphone lock screen into a visually pleasing billboard. With over 2 million users in Korea, Honeyscreen delivers highly-targeted ads, offers and content directly to your lock screen. Our Honeyscreen blog (Korean) explains what’s new and exciting about this update, […]