July 18, 2018

[Buzzvil News] BuzzScreen’s US Partner Story – Screen Stash, Cash for Apps, Degoo

Earlier this year, the Softbank-backed startup was able to partner with international players. Below are three partners from the US. Each partner's very own first screen mobile application will display ads and content to its users, but the ways reward are granted vary. This blog post talks about how each partners provide benefits to its users through the lockscreen apps powered by BuzzScreen.
June 30, 2014

[Market & Industry] Native Advertising on Lock Screens – Part 2

Although mobile native advertising seems like the next big thing, it still presents challenges, as does any new or innovative field. In this post, I will be discussing the challenges that key players in native advertising are currently facing and how we tackle these problems as a lock screen advertising platform. This post is the second half of our “Native Advertising on Lock Screens” series. In case you missed it, check out Part 1 for an overview of native advertising and the four major growth areas for mobile. Challenges of Key Players in Native Advertising 1. Advertisers Extra Creative Development […]
June 12, 2014

[Market & Industry] Native Advertising on Lock Screens – Part 1

UPDATE: The second half of our “Native Advertising on Lock Screens” series has been published! Check out Part 2 to learn about challenges in native advertising and what our solutions are for advertisers, users, and publishers. If you were to ask me what the most powerful mobile advertising trends are in 2014, I would say “programmatic” and “native.” Programmatic advertising has evolved from being simply a buzzword to becoming a real game changer over the last few years, thanks to its firm foundation from the era of desktop advertising. However, the concept of native advertising is still quite new and […]