Publisher - Buzzvil

Maximize Monetization and Boost Engagement / Loyalty
with the world's first lockscreen SDK

Own the first impression on the lockscreen through a simple integration
and generate additional revenue while supercharging engagement and retention.

Maximize Monetization

Don’t miss out on 60 impressions / day to monetize users on the lockscreen.

Generate additional ad revenues on new premium inventory with lockscreen advertising.

Leverage massive advertising demand from Buzzvil’s ad network and direct sales force.

Supercharge User Engagement / Retention

Drive users to your application by pushing content / promotional information on the lockscreen.

Reward users for using the lockscreen and allow them to redeem their rewards within your app.

Provide your users with the latest trending news, deals and ads on the lockscreen.

Customize the Experience

Customize features
and curated content on the lockscreen.

Take advantage of BuzzScreen’s creative design optimization engine and mediation tool to show beautiful content to your users.

Easy Integration

BuzzScreen SDK gives you every single feature that you need to run a lockscreen service.

Activate the lockscreen with simple SDK integration or we build an whitelabel lockscreen app for you.

Manage your ads and content on our simple administration and reporting page.

The ONLY lockscreen SDK patent

BuzzScreen’s patent is valid worldwide.
Our patented technology has been licensed to various publishers’ applications globally.


BuzzScreen Partners

  • OK Cashbag, a popular rewards app with over 10 million users, increased DAU by 57% after BuzzScreen integration.

  • HoneyScreen is a major lockscreen rewards app with millions of users in Asia.

  • Slidejoy is the most addictive app in the US with users spending over 10 minutes everyday browsing trending news and content. 

  • Culture Land is a gift card application with over a million downloads.

  • Tmoney is a major mobile public transportation application with over a million downloads.

  • NotiTome is a discount/deal app for shopping, events and shows with over a million downloads.

  • Clip is a credit card and discount coupon application with over 5 million downloads.

  • Whowho is the biggest spam blocker with over 10 million downloads. Operated by KT, one of the biggest carriers in Korea.
  • Lpoint is the biggest point application by Lotte Group.
  • Degoo is one of the top free cloud services in the world, recording 20,000,000+ downloads globally. Degoo rewards 500MB free extra cloud storage very 10 hours user's Degoo lockscreen is running.

  • Cash for Apps rewards users with points for downloading various apps. It features awards from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and more.

  • Apps that Pay rewards users for completing tasks and playing games on mobile.

  • One of Japan's largest loyalty program since 2001

  • Fly mobile, founded in 2003, is one of top smartphone device makers in Russia. They offer device discounts to users if users use Buzzvil's lockscreen.