October 15, 2018

[Market & Industry] Is Buzzvil’s Mobile Lockscreen Ads Worth it?

In this fast growing industry, having your ads reach the right users is one major way to win for advertisers. So how does mobile’s first screen media platform provider, Buzzvil, work to meet advertiser needs?
September 9, 2017

[Market & Industry] Mobile app marketing using a lockscreen feature – Strategy to increase the retention rate

It has been almost 8 years since I-phone 3GS, the product that opened the door to the era of Smartphone, was first introduced in Korea in late 2009. Korean Smartphone market is currently at a mature stage as an approximately 85% of total Korean population is using Smartphone devices. Followed by the market’s maturity, there has been an increasing number of users owning their 2nd or 3rd Smartphones and it is generally accepted that mobile apps that Smartphone users are using on a recurring basis have been fixed. We wonder how many apps those of you reading this article downloaded during the last month.
May 4, 2017

[Market & Industry] Why Amazon Expanded its Lockscreen Advertising Offering

There was interesting news in the mobile advertising industry a couple weeks ago. Amazon added to its lineup of smartphones that are heavily discounted as a result of lockscreen ads. Up until the release, lockscreen advertising was considered a niche market led by a few startups, but the internet giant’s expansion suggests that lockscreen advertising could be ready to come into its own category.
February 18, 2016

[Market & Industry] BUZZScape: Korean Mobile Advertising Landscape 2.0, LUMAScape-inspired

It’s been over a year since I published the very first Korean mobile advertising industry landscape, BUZZScape, inspired by LUMAScape. (Yes, we got featured by the CEO of LUMA Partners!) LUMAscape-like ecosystem maps now exist for Europe, Brazil, China, Japan, SE Asia and Korea, not to mention other industries. Love it! — Terence Kawaja (@tkawaja) 2014년 8월 5일   Just as smartphones are quickly changing the world, the mobile advertising industry has changed significantly in the past year. With BUZZScape 2.0, I tried to highlight major changes in the market and clarify the definition of each category. 1. Augmenting Publishers […]
November 27, 2014

[Market & Industry] 6 Tips for Tackling China from Alvin Foo at Startup Grind Seoul

Last week, Startup Grind Seoul hosted their fourth event at Maru 180, this time with Alvin Foo (@alvinfoo) of Airwave China (Omnicom Media Group) and previous Head of Mobile for Google China. As a veteran entrepreneur and the first speaker from outside of Korea to join us at a Startup Grind Seoul event, Alvin had a lot to share with the crowd, especially about his startup experience in China. On top of heading up Airwave China, the Mobility Business Unit within Omnicom, Alvin is also the co-founder of AppBoost, his third startup, where he takes on more of an advisory […]
October 28, 2014

[Market & Industry] From Zero to 9 Million: Startup Grind Seoul With Jake Park, CEO of VCNC

On October 22nd, Startup Grind Seoul hosted their third event at Maru 180, this time featuring Jake (Jaeuk) Park, CEO of VCNC (Between app). The widely attended Startup Grind events are becoming an increasingly popular meeting ground and networking space for current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Seoul startup scene. By a show of hands, about 40% of the audience indicated that they are repeat attendees, and Joon Oh, the director of Startup Grind’s Seoul chapter and Chief Strategy Officer at MangoPlate, wants this percentage to increase as more people become a part of this community. With the usual excellent […]
October 17, 2014

[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil at SoftBank Ventures Forum 2014

September 30, 2014

[Market & Industry] 9 Tips For Startup Growth Hacking From Kstartup Fireside Chat

On September 24, Kstartup hosted their final Fireside Chat for their fourth batch, this time on the increasingly hot topic of growth hacking. For this session, we had the chance to hear from Jennifer Lu (@jenlufer) from ZowPow, Julie Zhou (@jyzhou) from Hipmunk, and Jason Festa (@typeoh) from Built In Menlo, all experienced growth hackers who had unique backgrounds and stories to share with us. As Buzzvil’s Brand Marketing Manager, I was especially interested in this topic of growth hacking and I was eager to bring back some valuable nuggets of knowledge to the rest of our team. I’ve highlighted some […]
September 2, 2014

[Market & Industry] Kstartup Fireside Chat Brings Instagram, Uber, and Spotify Designers to Korea

At the last Kstartup Fireside Chat in early August called “Real Startup Scene in Silicon Valley” we brought you four key takeaways that Seoul startups can learn from Silicon Valley. Last Wednesday, August 27th, Kstartup held their second Fireside Chat for this batch, this time featuring Chris Connolly (@chrisconnolly) from Instagram, Lorenzo Calvani (@El_Ci) from Uber, and Tobias van Schneider (@schneidertobias) from Spotify in a session titled “그들이 왔다! (They’re Here!) Instagram, Uber, Spotify Designers.” This session once again took place at D.Camp and was moderated by Kstartup’s KJ Byeon and Yoonjin Chang. Now, I personally am not a designer, […]
August 29, 2014

[Market & Industry] Startup Grind Seoul Chapter Kicks Off in Korea

The Startup Grind Seoul Chapter kicked off to a promising start this week with high energy, large turnout, and wild cheering – literally. On August 26, the long-awaited Seoul Chapter of Startup Grind held its first event at Maru 180, a startup coworking space, in Yeoksam. The event provided light refreshments and a time to network with fellow entrepreneurs from Seoul’s startup community, followed by a fireside chat session with guest speaker, John Hanjoo Lee of SparkLabs. As a bit of background, Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Powered by Google for […]
August 8, 2014

[Market & Industry] What Seoul Can Learn From the "Real Startup Scene in Silicon Valley"

Without a doubt, the startup scene in Seoul is growing. Tim Chae of 500 Startups believes that “Seoul is poised to become the hub of concentrated tech startup activity in Asia” and Seedstars World recently created a great infographic of entrepreneurship in Korea that breaks down exactly why Korea’s startup ecosystem holds so much potential. As the Korean startup community grows, there are more opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting, which is exactly what happened this past Wednesday at Kstartup’s Fireside Chat. On August 6th, Kstartup, a startup accelerator based in Seoul that is now going into their fourth batch, […]
August 5, 2014

[Market & Industry] BUZZscape: Korean Mobile Advertising, LUMAscape-inspired

When I was first trying to understand the global advertising industry, LUMAscapes, which visually present a comprehensive overview of key sectors in the industry, were a great resource for me. However, I found that there was no such learning tool for the Korean mobile advertising industry, which can be complicated to understand and navigate. So, I am proud to present this long-cherished project: the Korean mobile advertising landscape, inspired by LUMAscape! As this chart is brought to you by Buzzvil, I felt that “BUZZscape” is a very fitting title for this chart. Last updated: September 30, 2014 This BUZZscape covers […]