Career - Buzzvil

"Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life"


Best-in-class talent from all over the world
Flexible work hours
Mac Book Pro
Unlimited book purchases, foreign language reimbursement, internal education opportunities
Great view of Seokchon Lake
Employee referral program, peer-to-peer recognition
Monthly company retreats (movie night, bowling, field day, etc.)
Unlimited refreshments and breakfast


Self Leader

Work in the Context!

Before initiating the work, it is important that we understand why and what we need to know and then work in context. Buzzvillians are encouraged to pro-actively take initiatives with his/her own project agenda, process, and constantly strive to be the owner with responsibility. 

First things First!

We work with clearly defined priority list based on his/her R&R and expected role in Buzzvil. Priorities can be set based on urgency and importance and putting importance as the no.1 priority criteria.

Team Player

Communication! Communication! Communication!

Communication is the core culture of Buzzvil. Communication is more than a technical term of conveying your opinions or thoughts, it is actively sharing knowledge and information to other team members with an open-mind. 

Enjoy Buzzvillian Life! 

Buzzvil has a unique culture of having a company retreat, called hoesik, during the last week of Thursday every month. Each hoesik has its theme and its main purpose is to encourage fellowship among buzzvillians. 

Action Taker

Just Get It Done!

Rather than spending time concerning, we take into action right away and present our thought with results. When a problem occurs, we think about how we can redefine the problem itself and how to achieve it rather than focusing on its limits or obstacles. It is encouraged to snap out of the past and take action instantly without over-analyzing.

Be a bold risk taker! 

We refuse to settle down on our status quo and break out of our comfort zone. Your efforts to grow and improve is highly encouraged in Buzzvil and is a place where you can constantly overcome new challenges although it may not guarantee success.

Fast Learner

Growth never stops!

Our competitor is not others but ourselves because it is more important to grow from what we were yesterday than to overcome others in a competition. Buzzvil never stops growing. We provide trainings for work, foreign language program and programming.

Don’t repeat yourself!

Buzzvil, as an IT company, values automation in order to minimize repetition and maximize efficiency of work. 

Problem Solver

Break the box!

Depending on how we look at the object can differ, we act by looking at every matter with different perspective and understand respectively. 

Numbers never lie!

We make decisions based on the data rather than a mere assumption or a hypothesis. As there are many ways to arrive at one destination, our decisions are made with objective database and numerical figure.