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The Largest Lockscreen Ad Platform

Increase brand awareness on the lockscreen through more than 4 billion monthly impressions globally!

Own the first impression

Raise brand awareness on the lockscreen, the most intimate and frequently accessed screen.

Take advantage of a high impact full screen ad unit on premium mobile real estate.

Gain broad exposure to millions of active users on Buzzvil’s apps and publishers of BuzzScreen.

Natural and more effective

Efficiently increase revenue.

10x higher CTR’s than mobile banners, while only 5x the cost. Lockscreen advertising is the most natural and intuitive way to effectively advertise on mobile.

Provide diverse lockscreen experiences (video / display), to optimize performance on mobile.


Imagine targeting not only by basic demographic information (gender, age, time zone etc.), but also by carrier, location, usage patterns, device and installed applications.

BuzzScreen Publishers

Choose your target audience from a broad and diverse user base with attractive advertising profiles.

Learn more about the actual user profiles of some of our partners.

  • User Profile

    59% Female, 72% between ages 30-49

    Users who are looking for hot new deals everyday.

  • User Profile

    56% Female, 52% between ages 20-39  

    Users of a leading payments provider.

  • User Profile

    65% Female, 73% between ages 10-29

    Users with an interest in the newest mobile apps and games.

  • User Profile

    88% Female, 55% between ages 10-29

    Users who are familiar with mobile payments and content.

  • User Profile

    61% Male, 72% between ages 10-29

    Male users who are familiar with in-app / mobile payments.

  • User Profile

    59% Male, 43% between ages 30-59

    Public transportation riders with an interest in instant shopping deals.

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