[Buzzvil Culture] As We Renew Buzzvil’s Culture Book
June 25, 2019

[Buzzvil Culture] Global Retreat in Saipan 2019

This summer started with a splash at Buzzvil. The Softbank-backed company’s annual retreat took place in Saipan this year. We took this trip to show appreciation for each Buzzvillian’s hard work over the past year and it was a time to share Buzzvil’s new vision and mission which are as following:

Vision: Spread Rewards, Spark Engagement

Over the past years, we were the first to establish that the mobile lockscreen is an effective ad unit. Now we want to go beyond it and opened up a new chapter. We want to help partners and advertisers to connect with users better. We want to create unique mobile inventories of various UIs and find new ways to reward users to increase their engagement and ad revenue.

Mission: Grow Together to Change the World

We want our partners and advertisers to grow with us inside our platform. We believe this will create opportunities for them to introduce new services that will make the user’s life a little bit better. We aim to keep this platform sustainable and in the process, we also want to grow by finding new ways to bring benefits to our partners and advertisers constantly.

All members from South Korea, the US, Japan, and Taiwan got together at our Seoul office to share what’s going on in their offices before heading to Saipan. Since everyone was together, it really felt like a global company. As a united Buzzvil, we had a quality time discussing and coordinating our future direction. After finishing off the pre-retreat event with a fun wine party, 88 Buzzvillians headed to Saipan.

Buzzvillians who know how to work hard and play even harder spent their time wisely at Saipan with various activities. Buzzvillians decided which activities they wanted to do and recruited members. They got to go scuba diving to explore the ocean, snorkel in the seawater inside a cave, enjoy adventurous kayaking and more. We had fun and admired the scenery. It was a time to get to know each other and enjoy a good rest. After all, we all deserved it.

The past has been a fierce and passionate time for Buzzvil who established the mobile lockscreen as an effective ad unit all over the world. But now we want to go beyond it as mentioned above. The best is yet to come and we’re already looking forward to next year’s global retreat and the many things we will share then.