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Buzzvil Career interviews our team leaders or managers to figure out what they’re looking for in the new employees. We also want to help you to determine if we’re a good fit for you. Open job positions are listed here.

This post features an interview with Noah, Buzzvil’s DevOps Software Engineer. He discusses what makes a good DevOps Software Engineer. If you want to create a happy environment for developers, keep reading. 

Please describe the role of a DevOps Software Engineer.

The mission of DevOps team is to improve the development culture of Buzzvil. This does not mean we create strict rules and regulations that may get in the way. We aim to develop continuous integration, distribution pipeline, and operation methods necessary for delivering services in order to better the development culture. For example, the developer’s burden can be lifted through optimized tests and distribution methods. The improvements in the service delivery systems can help everyone to work efficiently.

Why did you choose Buzzvil?

I wanted to take my skills to the next level so I went on a job hunt. Then I found Buzzvil and was excited to apply and come for an interview. Zune and Liam came in for my first technical interview. There were some hard questions I had difficulty understanding, but they were kind enough to explain them to me. The interview was harder than I had expected, but I thought it would be nice to work with such people. This is why I decided to join Buzzvil. I currently am happy with the fact that I had not been mistaken about this.

What’s it like to work at Buzzvil?

As Buzzvil’s mission is to “Grow together to change the world,” there are very many people who aim to grow a lot within the company. This doesn’t mean that they are competitive towards each other. They share and utilize the information and knowledge they have to grow together. The company also completely encourages this behavior. For instance, lunch is provided if we hold a study group during our lunch break. I have recently engaged in studying Python Design Pattern with other developers every Thursday. We are currently studying the subject together and thinking about how we can apply this to our products.

What’s the team like?

Our team doesn’t have only one person in charge of a certain task, but has everyone’s work overlapping. This allows us to have a transparent sharing of our work and solve problems effectively . The morning scrummage or afternoon tea time allows us to quickly and easily share our work with one another. This allows us to share information and business easily.

What makes a good DevOps Software Engineer?

A person who can pinpoint the source of a problem calmly and objectively is needed because we need to react to numerous cases of failure. The silos between teams need to be torn down and in order to do that, good communication skills is essential. We have to be good at communicating with others. Also, we are looking for someone who is happy to find ways to automate maintenance processes that can be very repetitive. Current infrastructure can also be managed through programs. This means that automation is possible. Automation can reduce human errors and will make a much faster and stable operation for infrastructure.

In all, we wish to work with people who aim to participate in creating a more efficient development culture. We believe a happy developer makes better products.