[Buzzvil Career] What Makes a Good Business Intelligence Manager?
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April 8, 2019
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[Buzzvil Career] What Makes a Good Business Intelligence Manager?

Buzzvil Career interviews our team leaders or managers on what they’re looking for in new employees and how to determine if we’re a good fit for you. Open job positions are listed here.

This post features an interview with Business Intelligence Manager Elia. He discusses what makes a good Business Intelligence Manager or Data Analyst. If you are someone who loves data and wants to contribute to Buzzvil’s data-driven growth, continue reading.

Please describe the role of a Business Intelligence Manager or Data Analyst.

My name is Elia, the data analyst of Buzzvil, and I have been with the team for four years. I set up tools for business intelligence and share data accumulated at Buzzvil. I have to figure out what I will do with the data and practise it. Also, I carry out A/B testings and various research so we make good decisions and work efficiently. On top of that, I hold SQL sessions so people have flexible access to data and use it well.

Why did you choose Buzzvil?

My friend recommended this company. It had a friendly atmosphere and I was surprised to see a place like this in Korea. Plus, Buzzvil is located near the Seokchon Lake near to where I leave. The view is great especially when it’s spring time and there are cherry blossoms everywhere. So there was no reason for me to say no.

What’s it like to work at Buzzvil?

It’s a place where you can grow as a business intelligence manager. The team isn’t that big so it’s flexible. You will act like a consultant where you can talk to many people and figure out how you can help them and what tasks to fulfill. You won’t be locked in a defined role. Data analytics is a new field so depending on what the CEO thinks about it, there are more or less that you can do. Thankfully, everyone at Buzzvil are opened to new ideas and suggestions. So based on how proactive you are, there is a lot you can do. I think this type of work culture is unique.

What’s the team like?

Here, for any project, you have to look into the data and find a breakthrough. You have to be focused and have to be sure how to carry out tests and analyze data. It’s not easy to make good decisions and that’s where business intelligence managers come in. You will have to position yourself to let people know why you are needed. When you have their support, you have more opportunities to join new projects. You have to get yourself involved.

What makes a good Business Intelligence Manager or Data Analyst?


You have to love to communicate. Not too much, but right on point. When someone has too much to say, it means he or she says the same thing multiple times and get off point. Being a data analyst at Buzzvil means you have to be good at managing and communicating effectively. It’s because your test results have to be accurate. And accurate findings lead to better business decisions.


The more you’re proactive, the more you will grow. Your skill sets will improve and you will get the hang of interacting with various people in a working environment. Buzzvil has a good infrastructure for data analysts to experiment and this is good because the field of business intelligence is new. So Buzzvil can really open doors to new opportunities and we want someone who is excited to explore.