[Buzzvil Career] How to Prepare for Buzzvil's Job Interview
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March 13, 2019
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[Buzzvil Career] How to Prepare for Buzzvil’s Job Interview

At Buzzvil, we put in a lot of effort in finding new talents that will help the company grow. This article covers how one of our newcomers prepared for her interview to get into this Softbank-backed startup. Please note that the process may differ depending on what position you apply for.

Riley has recently joined as a global development manager. She seeks new partnerships and offers better benefits to users. Our current partners include, Fly Mobile in Russia, East Japan Railway Company and more.

Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

Hello. My name is Riley. I find new potential partners to offer our unique SDK technology which helps partners have their own branded lockscreen app. We help them monetize and boost user engagement.

Basically, I list up partners and analyze them so we know how we can settle a deal. After that, we reach out to them and further our discussion. I focus on partners mainly in Russia.

How did you know about Buzzvil? 

Elia, Buzzvil’s Business Intelligence manager, recommended this company. It’s not common for someone who is currently working at a company to recommend his or her workplace to an acquaintance. That was delightful and surprising at the same time so I decided to check it out. He described Buzzvil as a place where everyone is nice and extremely smart.

Tell us about the hiring process.

First of all, I had to hand in my resume and answer three questions in English:

1) How do you find Buzzvil?
2) Why do you think you are a fit for this job?
3) What is your impossible dream and what are your efforts in achieving this dream?

The next rounds were two interviews. One was to get to know each other and the last one was a presentation interview. The task was given 24 hours before the interview.

How did you prepare for your interviews?

Joshua, Cindy and Stephan, CSO and global business development managers respectively, were in the first interview and it was more of a discussion where everyone was involved. The atmosphere was friendly. It was very thoughtful. It made me think that this could be a decent place to work.

For the second one, I had to choose a company and propose why it should partner with Buzzvil as if I was in a meeting with the provider. I did my research on the company and looked up Buzzvil’s media kits provided on its homepage to come up with an idea. Buzzvil’s website and blog is rich with content that will help you. I read all of the People Blog series on the Buzzvil blog. It really shows what type of talent the company is looking for. There are many news articles that inform you about their business, too. Also, I read many reviews on Job Planet, South Korean version of Glassdoor. It has high ratings there.

The presentation interview was held in English. After the presentation I was asked general questions such as:

  1. Why do you find the mobile ads industry interesting?
  2. What you have been doing before you got here?
  3. Have you tried using Buzzvil’s service?

and so on.

Why did you choose to work at Buzzvil?

I really enjoy working with talents and Buzzvil seems to be the right place. Everyone here aims to be the best in their fields and I get inspired everyday. Not only that, this company has a good foundation and expertise. It has great potential to advance to the global market and I wanted to be a part of that.