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[Buzzvil Culture] Software Engineer Culture

At Buzzvil, we try to create a working environment that helps developers get work done efficiently and makes it pleasure for them to try out new solutions. This article is written to describe what it’s like for a developer to work here.

 Buzzvil’s software engineer Liam used to develop for India and Pakistan top lockscreen content curator app SlideApp which Buzzvil acquired last year. He will tell you more about the working culture here. So here it goes.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Liam Hwang and I have been with Buzzvil for the last six months or so. Years ago, I co-founded a startup called Ultra Caption with my friends from college, which was acquired by Kakao (the operator of Korea’s dominant mobile messaging app Kakao Talk). After that, we left the company to embark on our next project SlideApp which led us to join Buzzvil. It was startups after startups. Here at Buzzvil, I am a software engineer in the DevOps team with my fellow coworkers, Andy and Noah.

What is it like to work at Buzzvil?

Because I used to work with a group of ten people, there was a lot to get used to at Buzzvil. (There are currently some 90 Buzzvillians.) For example, at SlideApp, I had to inform I’m taking a day off just through Slack. That was fine. But here, it is a bigger company and there is a solid system to everything.

Here, my role is defined and it helps me to specialize in one area. Around the time I joined Buzzvil, the company was in need of a DevOps team to build a stronger infrastructure. As I joined, this team was created alongside Andy and Noah. We aim to stabilize operation of Buzzvil’s infrastructure and sizing. Also, we manage and prepare the distribution pipeline. Lastly, we plan out our capacity of the infrastructure and optimize related costs so it goes in line with our business needs. In all, we exist to deliver service of value with no friction.

Though my role is defined, I can always explore what’s outside my boundaries. The company leaves room for self growth. I can join communication with other mission teams and offer suggestions. I also enjoy how the company allows us to fill out our own OKRs (objectives and key results). I can set my own goals and reach it however I want. I don’t feel like a robot.

There are a lot of benefits for employees here, too. For example, we are able to buy as many books as we want regardless of the genre. Also, I really like how the company supports study groups. It creates an environment where we can initiate new things. I attend a study group that consists of designers and developers. We explore ways for the two parties to work efficiently. We are looking into various design systems and tools. At SlideApp, developers and designer worked one to one. But it’s a whole lot bigger here and we have product managers and other parties to consider. So design systems has caught my attention.

Why do you think Buzzvil is a great place to grow?

Especially because we are a B2B platform, being reliable is really important. So there are so many challenges for you to overcome. Lockscreen is a unit that is frequently accessed so UI/UX design is something to consider very seriously. Also, because we provide reward-based ads, you have to be familiar in reading numbers and data. There is a lot you can learn from this, too.

For me, I am interested in bringing designers and developers closer together. In order to do this, I ask a lot of questions to different people. But everyone is welcoming. They don’t take it as a bother. It’s a good environment for me to explore new fields.

Lastly, Buzzvil is working with big names, such as Fly Mobile, Lotte, SK, KT and more. So, as a DevOps engineer, I can grow so much. I can learn to take on more responsibilities and be more careful. I like how when there is a problem, we don’t punish each other, but we figure out what the real cause was and what we can do to fix it. I really want this culture to continue.

What can Buzzvil do more for software engineers? 

Everyone is so good at what they are doing. I hope Buzzvil can keep everyone here for as long as possible. I want to continue to work with them. I hope the company continues to appreciate everyone here even though his or her work is not always noticeable.

What do you aim to earn at Buzzvil?

When Ultra Caption was acquired by Kakao, it was a chance for us to check if we were doing it right. Turns out we were not bad at all. At Buzzvil, I want to write yet another success story and I want to share it. Maybe on a stage someday. (Laughs) Also, I want to build a service that will last for more than five or ten years. Over the years, I have learned that programming can’t solve everything. For something to be successful, we need different talents of various fields. I am beginning to see the bigger picture. So I find it healthy for me to figure out what more ingredients are needed for my success story.