[Buzzvil Career] What Makes a Good Sales Manager?
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February 14, 2019
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March 7, 2019

[Buzzvil Career] What Makes a Good Sales Manager?

Buzzvil Career interviews our team leaders on what they’re looking for in new employees and how to determine if we’re a good fit for you. Open job positions are listed here.

This post features an interview with Juicy, the head of Buzzvil’s sales team. She discusses what makes a good Sales Manager. If you are someone who would love to meet various people and think you could proactively promote Buzzvil, continue reading.

Please describe the role of a Sales Manager.

Compared to other companies, being a Sales Managers at Buzzvil requires a higher level of focus on outbound sales strategies, which involve personal visits to advertisers, advertising agents, and representative companies in order to bring them to our platform. A Sales Manager must continuously secure new clients (advertisers) by proactively utilizing the leads provided by the ad operation managers and searching independently. Because Buzzvil focuses on B2B, we cannot promote ourselves on a general medium such as television commercials. The primary objective is to enable potential clients who have not yet used our products to experience the effectiveness of Buzzvil’s advertisements. This requires us to widely promote lockscreens as a new reward-based advertising platform with the high effectiveness through various meetings and introductory sessions. Buzzvil’s inventory of media and advertisements is quickly expanding through the addition of Buzzvil’s various new products, such as BuzzAd Benefits, which feature our unique SDK.

The continuous growth of Buzzvil drives our productivity. However, we believe that the personal interactions required for this job are a great opportunity to expand one’s capacity as a Sales Manager, make new working relationships, and enhance media effectiveness through developing the ability to process direct feedback.

BuzzScreen is a B2B product that provides a unique lockscreen SDK to our partners so they can develop their own lockscreen app. Our current partners include top domestic and foreign companies such as SK Planet’s OK Cashbag, KT’s Clip, Lotte’s L.Point, CJ ONE, Hana Members, and SoftBank Ventures Asia. BuzzAd Benefit displays reward-based in-app ads on our partners’ company-owned apps. This also enables advertisers to reach more users who have purchasing power.

A Sales Manager needs to have a thorough understanding of Buzzvil’s products. Currently, Buzzvil’s portfolio mostly consists of companies in the commercial and financial sectors, with numerous performance-driven campaigns underway. A Sales Manager needs to be able to consider and propose the best product for targeted groups that would be sure to both reach and manage the advertiser’s desired KPIs. In addition, the manager needs to understand the market in order to provide new product ideas and develop campaigns that fit current trends.

The Sales Manager receives help from the Ad Operation Manager and the Sales Strategy Manager. In addition to managing campaigns, an Ad Operation Manager plans new products, targets functions in line with market movement, and is in charge of the entire process until the launch. This allows the Sales Manager to present better products to advertisers. The Sales Strategy Manager prepares a strategy to strengthen Buzzvil’s branding as a medium. (S)he analyzes and categorizes advertisers based on their KPIs, budget, and other goals. in order to guide the Sales Managers and help them do their job more efficiently.

Why did you choose Buzzvil?

I’ve been working here for about three and a half years, but before I joined Buzzvil, I worked for an online medium company. Though I kept good relationships with the clients, there was a period when they often told me “Sorry, we can’t help you.” This was during the time when online sub media was in decline. Regardless of my ability, I could not achieve good results — it was exhausting. Because of this, I wanted to work for a company that was growing in the “hot” mobile market. I was initially looking forward to working on Buzzvil’s B2C lockscreen app HoneyScreen only to learn that Buzzvil was actually preparing to launch a project with a bigger vision, BuzzScreen. I thought to myself, “how effective would this medium be if we make a lockscreen app for partner companies that have many existing users already and not just one single mobile medium?” That’s why I chose Buzzvil.

What’s it like to work at Buzzvil?

I’d say Buzzvil is number one when it comes to autonomy. When I was a Sales Manager, making lots of sales was my top priority, so I spent a significant amount of time working in coffee shops between client visits. I worked in a environment that I felt allowed much more freedom than a traditional office. The fact that every employee, not just mostly from the sales team, can work from anywhere allows much more flexibility than other companies.

Moreover, Buzzvil’s setting naturally drives employees to work hard in the absence of any pressure. We all feel that there are no slackers at Buzzvil. I think that’s something unique about our company, and it makes me proud to work here. I feel there is so much to learn from. Also, because our staff is comprised of many younger individuals, we’ve established a spirited camaraderie. Lastly, employee benefits are really improving — this year our vacation day policy was refreshed and is proving to be just perfect for a travel enthusiast like me.

What’s the team like?

The Sales Team can be divided into two different units: (1) the e-commerce, electronics, and travel agent client managers and (2) the financial and gaming clients managers. The first group focuses on efficiency management. As a result, individuals in this unit tend to be detail-oriented and good with numbers. The second group maintains a voluminous number of clients and outbound sales. In addition to financial and gaming clients, the managers in this group are also responsible for clients in food & beverages, beauty, and consumer goods industries. This coverage helps the manager develop optimal targeting measures if the manager deals with products in various industries.

What makes a good sales manager?

A good Sales Manager is someone who is trustworthy, empathetic, directorial, and positive.


Of all the advertisers that Buzzvil has assisted, 70% have come back to work with us again. This proves how important it is to maintain a good relationship with advertisers. That’s why trustworthiness is an essential trait in a sales manager, not only in making sales but also in maintaining good working relationships with everyone, even if he/she ends up leaving the company. You never know, we live in such a small world. [Laughs]


A Sales Manager must have the mindset to think in clients’ shoes and keep their interests in mind. Of course, a Sales Manager sets KPIs. However, if that becomes takes priority over putting the client first, not only will we lose the client, but it will also be more difficult to achieve the KPIs. One must think about how to increase the effectiveness of the ads and enhance the advertiser’s traits rather than worrying about how many of our ad products will be sold. Through collaborating and building trustworthy relationships, Buzzvil will continue to grow. In order to achieve my goals, I need to think about the effectiveness of the ads; I don’t think it’s right to increase sales in a short-term by just cutting prices. We need to understand and study the advertisers’ KPIs and carefully determine how to achieve them.


Every sales manager has a goal, and timing and executive abilities are essential in making sure those goals are met. If planning takes too long, we could miss out on opportunities. Taking action is more important than creating the perfect plan. “Golden Time” is a phrase the Buzzvil’s Sales Team uses very often. Buzzvil Sales Team’s “Golden Time” is never in the revision/confirmation of a marketing plan, but after the plan has been established. In order to do this, one needs to understand the overall flow of which customer would consider advertising in which season, figure out each client’s agency and media rep company beforehand, and approach from there. This ensures the timing is precise and yields a higher rate of success. There are a lot of data at Buzzvil built from past sales experiences. As there is the database ready to strengthen the Sales Manager’s sales accessibility, we need someone who is energetic and quick to act.


Most people are extremely passionate before joining a company. However, it’s not so easy to remain earnest during the first couple years at the company. This is especially true for the Sales Team because their number of outbound sales is high and they can experience rejection daily. One needs to have the patience to consistently try harder, though a day of hard work may not result in a single sale. A Sales Manager needs to have the resiliance to endure through rejections and never get exhausted. Considering this, I believe that someone with a positive mindset would become a great Sales Manager. I believe that when people with a positive mindset unite, they create a great synergy to grow together.