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Softbank Ventures Asia-backed Buzzvil has innovated the mobile ads industry by inventing the concept of mobile lockscreen ads with BuzzScreen. We are currently the first and largest mobile lockscreen advertising platform. But we are still hungry and bringing more innovation by helping smartphone device makers, telcos and other app publishers monetize and engage with users not only through the lockscreen, but also with the floating menu, or BuzzAd Benefit Pop.

BuzzScreen allows publishers to display content or ads on the smartphone lockscreens; a user can swipe through a customizable feed by scrolling up and down or access a landing page by swiping right or left, all without having to unlock their device! A user views his or her phone every 11 minutes, or 60 times a day.

We currently have smartphone device makers working with us and providing discount on devices to users. In exchange, users will consume personalized ads and contents on the lockscreen in the most natural way.

Buzzvil’s publishers basically can create an additional revenue stream and ad-fund rewards with the lockscreen advertising.

BuzzAd Benefit makes its home on the homescreen of users’ phones as shown in the image above. It features the non-intrusive floating menu BuzzAd Benefit POP that shows personalized news, ad and easy access to customizable utilities.

Here, partners can also generate an extra revenue stream by showing ads in the newsfeed on the floating menu and the native banner on home.

For telecoms and smartphone manufacturers, Buzzvil’s SDK technologies provide a direct line of engagement to strengthen user loyalty and increase retention. It’s stable, light and simple. Partners can win the market without having to sacrifice their profit. With both users and businesses reaping the benefits of this collaborative effort, it’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t want a part in this.