[Buzzvil People] Asella Jeong, Business Development Manager
November 29, 2018
[Buzzvil People] Jen Yoon, Technical Account Manager
December 27, 2018

[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Supports the Buzzvilian Dreams

It is difficult to go back once a corporate welfare system is introduced. We should be careful when we make each policy especially if it is a startup. In the case of startups, recruiting talents is extremely critical so we sometimes see many small companies adding a bunch of benefits to its list. But if we are not careful, the company may face problems when it grows rapidly. Even if one welfare is decided, it should match the vision of the company. Let’s take a look at the example of Buzzvil, which tries to carefully determine welfare for the long-term benefits of the company.

There is a reason behind each benefit for each Buzzvillian!

Buzzvil has released the world’s first mobile lockscreen media platform BuzzScreen that provides apps with a unique lockscreen advertising SDK to more than 50 partners from home and abroad including OK Cashbag, KT CliP, and Lotte L.Point. Currently, it reaches 17 million users in 30 countries including Japan and the United States. Buzzvil dreams to secure 80 percent of the world’s mobile lockscreen. To achieve this dream, how does the company motivate its Buzzvillians?

Buzzvil strives to be a company that supports individuals’ dreams. If each individual helps the process of establishing and achieving his or her own dreams, the company will perform better. We support some 100 USD monthly self-development fee, study groups, clubs and so on, and actively encourage everyone to attend conferences. The company also purchases unlimited number of books to help individuals grow, upon request. During lunchtime, the company is crowded with members who create study groups to learn machine learning, data analysis and more.

Buzzvil is a company that constantly strives to make every member comfortable and productive. Unlimited amount of snacks and beverages are provided. Also, breakfast too! Everyone here uses the MacBook Pro to support their productive work. There are plenty spaces to relax in the office, such as a sleeping room, a game room, a ping-pong table, and if you get a headache when you work, you can walk around Seokchon Lake in front of the company. It’s a bonus. The monthly get-together is organized for everyone can enjoy various cultural activities and once a year, all Buzzvil members from all over the world go to overseas workshops. Recently, they have been to Boracay and Bali.

Buzzvil maintains a horizontal, autonomous corporate culture. It is natural for a newcomer to freely express his or her opinion to others, including the CEOs. All Buzzvillians can go to work flexibly at any time between 8 and 10 o’clock. You don’t have to check with anyone when to leave the office, whether to work overtime, whether to participate in the office parties, whether to use a vacation, and so on. Buzzvil trusts everyone and their decisions. That way, you can learn your own way of making things happen.