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November 5, 2018
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November 13, 2018

[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil is Finalist of JR East Startup Program 2018, Gives Transport Fare Discount

World’s first and largest mobile lockscreen media platform provider Buzzvil has been selected as one of the finalist of JR East Startup Program 2018 operated by East Japan Railway Company and JR East Startup Company.  Lockscreen refers to the first screen of the mobile.

As a finalist, Buzzvil will be able to work with Japan’s top railway company and launch a lockscreen mobile application, which allows contents to show on the first screen of the mobile, in mid-January of next year.

The app allows users to get JRE POINT in exchange for consuming personalized content and ads on the mobile lockscreen. The points can be used to get discount on user’s transportation fare. Not only that, users can check delay notices on the lockscreen and access JR point mobile application easily from the first screen of the mobile.

The app will be available only in Japan and points can be used by those who has registered to Suica, prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping. The points can also be used at stores that accept Suica payments.

JR East Startup Program 2018 invites proposals from venture companies and partners with them to better the railway company’s services and business. 

Softbank Ventures-backed Buzzvil focuses on its B2B business, BuzzScreen, based on its internationally patented SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides white label lockscreen mobile application for publishers so they can generate additional revenue and enhance user engagement. It earns 5.4 billion monthly impressions from 30 countries, having more than 50 global publishing partners. Its main advertisers include eBay, Samsung, Adidas, Toyota, Jaguar and BMW.