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October 30, 2018
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November 6, 2018

[Buzzvil News] Why Games Love BuzzScreen’s Video Ads

World’s largest mobile lockscreen media platform BuzzScreen has received position feedback for its video ad product from advertisers in the game industry. Users are able to see full-screen video ads on the lockscreen– first screen of the mobile viewed 60 times a day– which makes the video ad highly effective. The video ad for mobile SNG game “Town’s Tale with Ebichu” hit more than 200,000 views during August 13 – 20, successfully raising brand awareness. Also mobile MMORPG game pronounced as “Yamang” hit an impressive CTR (click-through-rate) of 6.64 percent during May 24 – June 7.

Another mobile MMORPG game pronounced as “Poongshin,” which was not even on the charts, campaigned with BuzzScreen and came in No. 5 only after six days. Lastly, MMORPG game “Guardian” ranked No. 1 up from rank 327 during August 16 – 29. With many success stories under its belt, BuzzScreen has been receiving a lot of calls from many game makers.

With its effective ad products, BuzzScreen is also known for its accurate targeting. It partners with 50 companies from home and abroad, such as OK Cashbag, CLiP and CJ ONE, so ads can reach diverse users based on their age, gender, day parting, device, mobile carrier, mobile usage pattern, interest and more.

South Korea’s largest game conference G-Star 2018 is opening on Nov. 15. Many unique game creators based on intellectual property are the hottest issue this year. We are very excited to see which games will be there. Buzzvil will join this year’s event as always. We want to meet advertisers, Ad Networks, DSP, SSP and more exchanges. If you’re there, let’s meet up for coffee!


*BuzzScreen reaches daily active users (DAU) of 3 million and 5.4 billion monthly impressions. For more information, see our media kit now!