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October 23, 2018
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October 30, 2018

[Buzzvil News] Buzzvil’s Success Story with Google Vision API

At the Google Cloud for Startups event held in Seoul on Oct. 25, Buzzvil’s Yohan was able to share the company’s success story with Google Vision API.

Buzzvil was also introduced as one of Google Cloud’s client at this years Google Cloud Summit held in Seoul on Oct. 25. It is the city’s first time to hold the event!

Mobile lockscreen media platform provider Buzzvil has invited many partners into its platform from home and abroad to vigorously expand ad inventories for 17 million users across 30 nations. Inventories are filled with ad garnered through ad networks or direct sales. The ads go through our server before reaching our users’ mobile lockscreen. We use Google’s Cloud Vision to analyze and categorize images to filter out harmful contents.

Why Google Vision API?

With Google Vision’s simple technology, we are able to display good content to users at an affordable price in a stable manner. A user looks at his or her phone every 11 minutes. Getting user’s trust and maintaining it are essential if we want to bring value to our partners and advertisers. Google’s Vision helps us to do that. Yohan’s presentation slide is available below. Take a look.

Yohan rocks the stage!
Buzzvil’s developers with Google team.

At Buzzvil, our efforts to operate our services in a timely and stable manner continues. If you want to check out what our developers have to say, stay tuned to our Buzzvil Tech Blog.