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September 6, 2018
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September 12, 2018

[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Hits Seoul National University’s Campus Recruiting

Buzzvil’s Lenny, Emma, Caitlyn and Howard visited Seoul National University’s campus recruiting in search of dreamers who hope to get on the Buzzvil rocketship.

Buzzvil values dreams. In each job interview, our CEO asks each candidate what his or her dream and goal are. The company really supports Buzzvilian’s dreams and empowers them to do what they are good at.

Buzzvil is looking for talents in sales, business development, ad operation, product management, design, development and more. Check out our website for more detail.

Below are the benefits Buzzvilians enjoy:

#Freedom, Equality and Fun
Here at Buzzvil, your age and job title do not matter. Anyone can express their opinion, even if you’re talking to the CEO. Everyone calls each other by their first name. Not only that we know how to have fun. We have monthly gatherings where we do different activities and once a year, Buzzvil travels abroad together. This year we flew over to Bali.

#Buzzvil supports your dream
When we say “We support your dream,” we mean it. We support hobbies, study group, conferences and more. Buzzvilians are allowed to buy as many books as they want and we never run out of snacks. After all, mid-day snacking is the most important meal of the day.

#Employee is king
Buzzvil has many spots so people can work in a comfortable environment. There is the bar table by the window where you can see the lake and standing desks in case your back hurts. We also have a resting room, table tennis room and a game room. Oh, did we mention all our employees work on the Mac Pro?

Many students were concerned because their majors were not related to a job position they were interested in. Don’t worry, guys. If you go to our website, you can see everyone who works here. If you click their photos, you will see blog posts about them. We have people who used to be a developer but now working in sales. Our HR manager studied math in college. So whatever your background is, go for what you want to do. We post vacant job positions on our website so please stay tuned.

The weather was amazing that day. Meeting new people made it better. We really hope to see everyone again. Buzzvil’s search for dreamers continues. Check out which campus Buzzvil will hit next! Stay with us.