[Buzzvil News] BuzzScreen's US Partner Story - Screen Stash, Cash for Apps, Degoo
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July 16, 2018
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July 19, 2018

[Buzzvil News] BuzzScreen’s US Partner Story – Screen Stash, Cash for Apps, Degoo

Buzzvil operates a B2B-product BuzzScreen based on its internationally patented SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides white label lockscreen mobile application for publishers so they can generate additional revenue and enhance user engagement. 

In 2015, Buzzvil signed a first partnership with OK Cashbag, one of Korea’s largest loyalty marketing platform, and the company has been inking more deals, inviting players of different regions and industries to the BuzzScreen’s unique first mobile screen platform. Today, the company has more than 50 publishers, including L Point, CJ One and Culture Land, under its belt. It continues to bring in more partners or publishers not only from Asia, but also beyond. 

Earlier this year, the Softbank-backed startup was able to partner with international players. Below are three partners from the US. Each partner’s very own first screen mobile application will display ads and content to its users, but the ways reward are granted vary. This blog post talks about how each partners provide benefits to its users through the lockscreen apps powered by BuzzScreen.

【Screen Stash – Lock Screen Cash】

Launch date: April 23, 2018

Screen Stash – Lock Screen Cash,’ created by Apps that Pay,LCC, allows users to see content and ads on the first screen and in return, grants cash, gift cards or Paypal points. The rewards can be used on Zap SurveysFish for Money and Movie Money— all operated by Apps that Pay,LCC. The new lockscreen app boosts user engagement of the other existing apps. More than 80 percent of this partner’s users are based in the US and the app creator plans to advance to Canada, Australia and England’s market. 

Cash for Apps – Lockscreen Points

Launch date: April 26, 2018

Mobvantage is the master hand behind Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards which allows users to get rewards for downloading certain mobile apps. By partnering with Buzzvil, it rolled out Cash for Apps – Lockscreen Points where users can use the lockscreen to get rewards daily. Rewards can be used to purchase gift cards of 15 different brands, such as Google Play, Skype, Starbucks and Amazon. The points are applicable on other designated apps. The partner is servicing in nine countries, including Spain and France. 

Degoo Lockscreen Cloud Storage Rewards

Launch date: May 7, 2018

Degoo dropped Degoo Lockscreen Cloud Storage Rewards which grants additional free cloud storage to its users. Before the partnership, Degoo provided free storage of 100GB to all users. Now, users can get 500MB extra for using the lockscreen app for every ten hours. Degoo is now able to get extra revenue by showing lockscreen ads and content. Previously, the company’s revenue was mostly generated only by its paying users for 2TB of storage. This partner has users in ten countries, including Brazil, India, Argentina and the Philippines.

Buzzvil is connected with more than 40 ad networks based all over the world. This allows Buzzvil’s partners to generate additional revenue and provide various benefits to its users through the lockscreen mobile application.

Buzzvil is vigorously propelling growth by reaching out to potential partners in the US, Japan and more. Stay tuned to see who else partners with Buzzvil!