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June 12, 2014
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[Buzzvil Culture] Buzzvil Office Hot Spot: Idea Wall

Creating a great workplace is more than just fancy benefits and snazzy office furniture. To find out how to create a workplace people love coming to, Fast Company took a look at Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work and found five traits that many “Employers of Choice” (EOC) have in common. One of the traits that stood out to us is ensuring that employees feel heard.

At Buzzvil, free-flowing communication is crucial for teamwork, innovation and efficient workflow, and one of the ways that we encourage communication is our idea wall.

Our idea wall was created to develop a work environment where our team can freely contribute ideas and solutions, even for projects and services outside of our individual areas of work. For example, one of our designers may have a suggestion for our developers, or someone from our sales team could have a killer marketing idea. In this way, we’re able to share problems and solutions to consider together as a team, and get as many diverse insights and perspectives as possible.

We designed our idea wall as a tree with three main categories or “branches”:

Work Smart

  • Make suggestions for working more effectively and efficiently
  • Recognize operational issues or bottlenecks and seek solutions
  • Share productivity tips and tricks, such as useful apps, communication tools, etc.


  • Identify problems and suggest solutions for our services (Honeyscreen and Lockjoy)
  • Pose questions and share feedback for improvement
  • Share ideas for new product features, design, UX/UI, etc.

Culture & Life

  • Make requests for training and development opportunities
  • Build a wishlist for employee rewards
  • Propose new ideas for our monthly hoesik

Of course, the important thing about communication is to apply the ideas and take action. Every two weeks, we do a roundup of the ideas that are submitted and based on our team’s feedback, we move forward with the top ideas. I admit, I’ve occasionally dropped the ball a bit on this in the past, and there’s always room for improvement, but some of the ideas that we have actioned include:

  • an English language exchange
  • bowling competition for our monthly hoesik
  • go for a picnic for our monthly hoesik
  • start our mornings with breakfast and quick videos on professional development

The key point is that our idea wall is not about one-way communication, but free-flowing feedback and an innovative way to share ideas with each other. Not only are we able to action the ideas that are most important and relevant to us, I can speak from personal experience that you get a real sense of accomplishment and excitement when an idea that you suggested becomes a reality. That’s an experience that we want all of our Buzzvillians to be a part of.

We’d like to know how communication and innovation make an impact in other workplaces. What are some ways that your team shares feedback and ideas? Keep the ideas coming!